Via Provinciale, 15, 40063 Piamaggio (BO)

Osteria del BORGO

The ambition to be a place where you can eat and be “pampered”.

Where we are

Via Provinciale, 15, 40063, Piamaggio (BO)

Opening time

12:00 – 15:00
19:00 – 24:00

Opening days

from Thursday to Sunday


Osteria  del Borgo

We are a small team of restaurant enthusiasts currently made up of the owner, Massimiliano, and the young Stefano who is responsible for the kitchen.

Two people with a particular story, both graduates in the agronomic field, both former scouts who, despite being from different generations, have found themselves sharing a passion for catering and teaming up in this project of the Osteria del Borgo in Piamaggio di Monghidoro (BO).

Our mission

Welcoming guests in a familiar and serene environment, trying to provide an experience of good taste and good flavor.

What we do

We try to cook good things with a touch of uniqueness, producing our own pasta with a press and bronze die, combining traditional dishes and modern cooking techniques such as low-temperature cooking, all enriched by a touch of passion and romance.


Our contact details.

Via Provinciale, 15, 40063 Piamaggio (BO)

We are 150 meters from a large parking

376 155 3487